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Grand College Fair

Gusts of fresh autumn breeze brings the Initial View University Exhibition on the HFI campus.

The Initial View University Fair takes place on September 13th, 2023, on the second floor of the gymnasium situated in the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University. Initial View Exhibition Show is an activity in which students interact with the admission officers of multiple universities to help them better prepare for and succeed in their application process. In this event, participants can have face-to-face communication with 34 top universities to gain more information about diverse academies.

Each university or college’s enrollment manager holds a booth, and students who have carried out discussions with particular schools can get particular leaflets or access online portals to access more information about specific institutions. Students are immersed in raising numerous questions to faculties while returning with fruitful results after exchanging ideas.

The engagers from the campus who are lingering at different university booths have created stark impressions on the administrative officers, and the faculties also hold welcome and warm attitudes in embracing HFI students. The staff of the University of Colorado refers to HFI students as smart, curious individuals who hold the potential of performing well in applying for universities. She also stresses encouraging students to be themselves and employing their passions throughout their academic journeys and activities, which also serves as a key reminder for all prospective college students.

Apart from aiding students to acquire better hindsight in selecting their suitable universities, the Initial View Fair further guides the students on their future plans for their endeavor in obtaining a position at their dream school. In an interview with an officer of Rochester University, she mentions that Rochester values students’ diversity and their capabilities in "solving real-life problems and helping their communities". This essential counsel not only functions as an instruction in demonstrating some preferable traits of successful candidates but also as an admonishment in educating students that one of the purposes of attaining erudition is to apply theoretical knowledge outside classrooms to bring about changes for a better society.

Personal conversations carried out between schools’ staff and visitors enlighten the officers’ trip to Guangzhou and fulfill their expectations for collaboration with HFI. In interviewing Annie Liu, one participant in the Initial View activities, she mentions that "Because the administrative officers of partial schools are actually current students studying at the universities, the advice they gave in helping us enroll and their comments are inclusive and sincere." Moreover, she adds that "the faculties will also provide some details of relevant academic programs based on different majors," which is useful in the process of application.

For students from different age periods, attending the Initial View Fair holds multiple advantages. Not only students in their senior year can determine their targets more clearly; students from other grades can enhance their conversational skills when communicating with diverse schools’ admission officers. Phyllis, one of the college counselors at HFI, states that "Students can have a better understanding of the procedures in school research, which is an imperative stage when applying for colleges. Many of the universities’ officers are easy-going and show hospitality when communicating with students one by one, which also makes this exhibit much more enjoyable.”

Writer: Morgan Lin

Content Proposers: Morgan Lin, Bonnie Liu

Editors: Selena Yao

Interviewers: Bonnie Liu, Selena Yao

Interviewee: Annie Liu

Date: September 19st 2023