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Counseling Center
  • 01Academic Counseling

    Our goal is to enable each student to recognize and develop to their full potential.  Starting in the first year, each class is assigned a counselor, serving as students’ personal tutor, who will meet them on a regular basis to discuss their academic progress. Students will learn to set academic and personal goals to in order to be successful at HFI.

  • 02College and career guidance and Counseling

    We aim to help students make more informed and better educational and career choices. Activities and curriculum associated with college and career guidance and counseling typically include: 

    - Advising students and parents on overseas school programs and academic curricula, preparing them for college application and admission.
    - Helping students to plan and prepare for college admissions tests, i.e. SAT/AP and TOFEL.
    - Discussing with each student individually about their interests and strength to find out their possible college majors
    - Exposing students to important information about western countries, such as their culture, customs, weather, etc. in tutorial classes.
    - Guiding students on college research--factors to consider and ways to collect information.
    - Holding college information session. We invite graduates to share their successful experiences, as well as overseas university representatives to come to our school to give presentations. 
    - Connecting our students with companies such as HSBC for internship opportunities so that they can make use of the knowledge and skills they have learned. 

  • 03Personal Counseling

    Students experiencing any kind of social or emotional problem are encouraged to meet with their counselors. Services available include individual and group counseling. The focus is to help students overcome any emotional or developmental roadblocks that may get in the way of their success.

Counseling Team
  • Ms. Jing Jin (Yuki)

    Ms. Jing Jin (Yuki)

    Head of College Counseling

    Rice University - College Counseling Certificate

    IACAC Institute & College Board- College Counseling Certificate

    National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Member
    International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC) Member
    AT HFI since 2004


  • Ms. Shiyun Liang (Sylvia)

    Ms. Shiyun Liang (Sylvia)

    College Counselor

    Bachelor of Arts in Business English from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
    Working at HFI since 2019

  • Ms. Beiyin Ma (Anny)

    Ms. Beiyin Ma (Anny)

    College Counselor

    Master of Social Work from Washington University in St.Louis
    Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Fordham University in USA
    Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from China Youth University of Political Studies
    Worked as college counselor in Guangdong Country Garden School
    Working at HFI since 2022

  • Ms. Lanfei Yin (Phyllis)

    Ms. Lanfei Yin (Phyllis)

    College Counselor (online)

    Graduated from HFI

    Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Cornell University (in progress)

    Cornell EARS Peer-Counseling training program

    Working at HFI since 2022

  • Mr. Diyuan Hu (Kenneth)

    Mr. Diyuan Hu (Kenneth)

    College Counselor

    Master of Science in Technological Systems Management, Stony Brook University

    Bachelor of Science in B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Stony Brook University

    Served in college application sector for 9 years as admissions staff, private counselor, and college counselor

    Working at HFI since 2022

  • Ms. Lin Sheng (Gabi)

    Ms. Lin Sheng (Gabi)

    College Counselor

    Master of Science in Education, Northwestern University

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Washington

    Bachelor of Arts in Education, Communities, and Organizations, University of Washington

    Working at HFI since 2023