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Students at HFI take part in an extensive curriculum that is strictly college preparatory in nature. HFI’s curriculum is based on an American curriculum and supplemented by traditional Chinese courses, with high quality teaching, testing standards and procedures. All courses in HFI are delivered by professionally-credentialed teachers, the majority of whom are native-Englishspeakers. In grade 10 the students take both pre-AP courses and approved Chinese high school courses. Courses in Chinese are highly rigorous, with some like mathematics being more advanced than the AP Calculus course. In grades 11 and 12 students follow an intensive AP curriculum. English course, either Standard or AP Level, is required for all students each year. In order to expand course offerings beyond the AP curriculum, the school has added classes such as Drama, Philosophy, and Advanced Calculus, which is equivalent to a second year university calculus class.

Course Offerings

AP (Advanced Placement) Courses:

· AP English Language & Composition
· AP English Literature & Composition
· AP United States History
· AP European History
· AP World History
· AP Human Geography
· AP Psychology
· AP Macroeconomics
· AP Microeconomics
· AP Art History
· AP Calculus AB
· AP Calculus BC
· AP Statistics
· AP Computer Science A
· AP Chemistry
· AP Physics 2
· AP Physics C: Mechanics
· AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
· AP Biology
· AP Environmental Science

Advanced Courses:

Advanced Calculus
Chinese Literature 10
Chinese Literature 11
Chinese Literature 12
General English 10
General English 11
English 11
English 12
English Communication &Composition
Film Studies
Pre-AP English

Accelerated Courses

Mathematics in Chinese

Physics in Chinese

Chemistry in Chinese

Biology in Chinese

Other Courses:

Creative Writing
Politics in Chinese
Geography in Chinese
Physical Education