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Job Opportunities

New Vacancies

Job Description

Post 1: English Teacher

Post 2: Math Teacher

Post 3: Physics teacher

Post 4: PE teacher

Post 5: Drama teacher

Post 6: Chinese Literature teacher

Post 7: Chemistry teacher

Post 8: Pre-AP teacher

Post 9: AP History teacher

Post 10: AP Psychology teacher

Job Summary:

You should be able to work collaboratively with other teachers to deliver high-quality education which encourages our students to explore innovation, creativity and independence of thought to sustain their continuing inquiry and reflection on truth and essence. You should help our students to develop as individuals with integrity, respect, a strong sense of self-motivation and adaptability to the changing world, and so become independent life-long learners so they can engage with a cosmopolitan world and harbor great expectation for the emerging future.

Key Qualifications:

1. Academic qualification--minimum bachelor’s degree, master’s degree preferred.

2. A recognized teaching qualification.

3. Relevant teaching experience (normally a minimum of two years)--This experience should relate to the delivery of a Western-style syllabus using Western conventions and methodologies.

4. Good communication skills and team player.

Location: Aoxiao Building, No. 1 Zhongshan Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P. R.C.

We offer a very competitive salary and benefit package depending on qualification and experience.

Materials required for application:

1. CV and cover letter,

2. Please down load the Job Application Form by following below link and fill out it:

Please send your CV, cover letter and Job application form to HR (Email:

Recruitment process:

1.    CV, cover letter and Job Application Form

2.    Demo lesson

3.    Test and interview.

4.    Reference check

5.    Offer

We appreciate for your interest and application.