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Faculty & Staff
Principal of HFI
  • Sheldon Smith

    Sheldon Smith

    Principal of HFI

    - Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester

    - Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics (Hons) from the University of Birmingham

    - Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    - Teaching experience in China since 2002

    - Working at HFI since 2005

AP English
  • Toby Eichas

    Toby Eichas

    Head of the AP English dept. Pre-AP English Teacher

    - 26 years' teaching experience in high schools in U.S. and Asia;

    - Master of Arts in Communication;

    - Bachelor of Arts in Communication, English, and teacher certification from Mercyhurst College;

    - Certificates in CELTA and IB programs

  • Matthew Bender

    Matthew Bender

    AP English Literature Teacher

    -MA in Secondary Education from Piedmont College

    -BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Appalachian State University

    -Taught AP Literature course in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    -Experience as Head of English Department

    -Obtained CELTA-Cambridge English Language Teaching Accreditation

  • Lindsey Sanna

    Lindsey Sanna

    AP English Language Teacher

    - Master of Arts in Education from Villanova University

    - Bachelor of Arts in English from Villanova University

    - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from New York University

    - Teaching as an English Teacher since 2010

  • Michael Cooke

    Michael Cooke

    AP English Language, English 12

    - M.Ed. Globalization in Education, Moreland University

    - Post-Graduate Certification in Education (International), University of Nottingham

    - Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, The University New Brunswick

    - Teaching experience since 2012

    - Experienced AP teacher

    - Working at HFI since 2021

  • Seamus Butler

    Seamus Butler

    Year 11 English Teacher

    - Bachelor of English Literature from Dalhousie University

    - CELTA certified teacher by Cambridge University

    - Taught as an English Language Teacher in South Korea, Vietnam and Colombia since 2009

    - Taught as a lecturer in Sun Yat-Sen University

AP Science and Mathematics
  • Jenny Ge

    Jenny Ge

    Head of the Math & Science dept. Calculus AB & BC Teacher

    - Master of Accounting from Grand valley state university

    - Bachelor of Science in Math Education from Liaoning Normal University

    - Taught as a Math teacher in Shanghai and Guangzhou for 20 years.

  • Bharati Hirani

    Bharati Hirani

    AP Computer Science A Teacher

    - Master of Computer Management in Computer Science, Management and Technology from Institute of Business Administration & Research (IBMR).

    - Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, Marketing & Advertising from Indira College of Commerce & Science.

    - Teaching Computer Programming since 2012 and AP Computer Science since 2017.

  • Yolanda Guan

    Yolanda Guan

    AP Statistics Teacher

    - Master of Actuarial Statistics from Australian National University

    - Bachelor of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Beijing Normal University

    - Teaching Math in Beijing and Guangzhou since 2012

    - Math competition Instructor

  • Marcela Rojas

    Marcela Rojas

    AP Calculus BC, Advanced Calculus Teacher

    - Bachelor of Engineering in Bioresource Engineering (Hons) from McGill University

    - Diploma in Health Science from Dawson College

    -Teaching Pre-Calculus since 2011 and Calculus 1 and 2 since 2017

  • Erin Ma

    Erin Ma

    AP Physics Teacher

    - PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Delaware

    - Bachelor of Science in Polymer Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University

    - Taught as a Physicas teacher since 2015

  • Joel Benavidez

    Joel Benavidez

    AP Biology, AP Environmental Science Teacher

    - Bachelor of Science in Biology for Teachers from Philippine Normal University

    - IBDP Certified Biology Teacher

    - Taught as a Biology Teacher in Manila since 2008

  • Ken Xie

    Ken Xie

    AP Chemistry Teacher

    - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Southern Methodist University

    - Master of Science in Inorganic Chemistry from Yale University

    - Worked as Research & Teaching Assistant in Department of Chemistry, Yale University since 2018

  • Fox Xu

    Fox Xu

    AP Computer Science Teacher

    - Master of Computer Science and Technology from Swansea University.
    - Bachelor of Mathematics and applied Mathematics from Shenzhen University.
    - Teaching Computer Programming since 2007 and AP Computer Science since 2016.

AP Social Science
  • Damon Six

    Damon Six

    Head of the Social Science dept. AP Psychology Teacher

    - Bachelor of Arts in History from Texas Tech University

    - Teacher Certification/Education from University of Texas-Permian Basin

    - Teaching in U.S., Korea and China since 2000

    - Taught AP Psychology and Government & Politics in Seoul International School

  • Conor Dunn

    Conor Dunn

    AP World History, AP Art History

    - Master of Arts in English Language Learning, Western Governors University

    - Bachelor of Arts in History Education, University of Delaware

    - Teaching experience since 2012

    - Working at HFI since 2021

  • Jerry Redfield

    Jerry Redfield

    AP Economic Teacher

    - Bachelor of Arts, Economics from Wheaton College

    - Teaching experience since 2012

    - Experienced AP teacher

  • Robert Burger

    Robert Burger

    AP European History and Human Geography Teacher

    - Master of Science in Adolescent Education from D'Youville College

    - Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Texas

    - Taught as a History teacher in Canada, South Korea, China and Ukraine since 2013

  • Nathan Mark Jones

    Nathan Mark Jones

    AP US History

    - Bachelor of Arts in Geography, DePaul University

    - Teaching experience since 2011

    - TEFL certified teacher by International TEFL Teacher Training

    - Experienced AP teacher

  • Michael Ludwick

    Michael Ludwick

    Drama Teacher

    - American educator, entertainer, singer, songwriter actor and entrepreneur

    - Bachelor of English and History from University of Virginia

    - Taught as a Drama teacher since 1998

    - Founder and President of Near West Group

Local teachers
  • Helen Cui

    Helen Cui

    English teacher

    - University Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching and Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts, Universitat Jaume I, Spain

    - Bachelor’s Degree in English Education, South China Normal University

    - Cambridge CELTA Teaching Certificate
    - TEM 8
    - Working in HFI since 2008

  • Delia Yi

    Delia Yi

    GE teacher

    - Master’s Degree in English Language Studies, Sichuan International Studies University

    - Been teaching TOEFL & SAT test-preparation courses since 2008

    - Working in HFI since 2011

  • Wendy He

    Wendy He

    GE teacher

    - Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Bristol

    - Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, Southwest China University

    - TESOL Certificate

    - Working in HFI since 2014

  • Rachel Li

    Rachel Li

    Chemistry in Chinese teacher

    - Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Education, Hunan Jishou University

    - Certificate of Senior High School Teacher

    - 12 years of Chemistry teaching experience

    - Researches in AP Chemistry teaching, experienced AP Chemistry teacher and SATII trainer

    - Working in HFI since 2010

  • Elicia Yu

    Elicia Yu

    Physics in Chinese Teacher

    - 12 years of Physics teaching experience
    - Guided students to attend international Physics competition including Physics Bowl, ASOP(Australia), BPHO(UK)

    - Teaching experience since 2009

    - Working in HFI since 2021

  • Reece Guo

    Reece Guo

    Chinese Literature Teacher Y11 & 12 Dance Teacher

    - Master of Arts in Writing in Jinan University
    - Taught as a Chinese teacher in Anchorsholme Academy and Lancaster University Confucius Institute in UK since 2019
    - Worked as a Senior Secretary to CEO in The Beijing Genomics Institute.

    - 5 years urban/hip-hop dancing experience

    - Working at HFI since 2021

  • Harky Li

    Harky Li

    Dean of Students' Affairs Office / PE Teacher

    - Bachelor of Physical Education from Guangzhou Sport University
    - Licensed Referee for football, basketball, volleyball, Ping-pong, and athletics
    - Teaching experience since 2008
    - Working in HFI since 2012

  • Susan Chen

    Susan Chen

    Math in Chinese Teacher

    - Master’s Degree in Mathematics Competition, South China Normal University

    - Member of The National Elementary Mathematical Society

    - Teaching experience since 2006

    - Working in HFI since 2015

  • Lillian Li

    Lillian Li

    Biology teacher

    - Master’s Degree in Life Science,Beijing Normal University Member of Guangzhou Teaching and Research Office Biology Center

    - Awarded Distinguished Contribution to Gaokao, Excellent Teacher title, etc.

    - Involved in writing and editing Senior High School Biology course book

    - Teaching experience since 2005

    - Working in HFI since 2015

  • Vicky Zhou

    Vicky Zhou

    Chinese Literature Teacher Y10

    - Mater of Arts in Chinese Education (International) in Shanghai International Studies University

    - Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Education (International) in Guangzhou University

    - Working at HFI since 2021

  • Aixin Hu

    Aixin Hu

    Philosophy Teacher

    - Doctor philosophiae, Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich
    - M.A., Philosophy, Renmin University of China

    - B.A., Philosophy (Logic), Sun Yat-Sen University

    - Working at HFI since 2021

  • Shuwen Zheng

    Shuwen Zheng

    Pottery and Seal Cutting Teacher

    - Advanced Master of Arts and Crafts certified by People's Government of Guangdong Province
    - High School Expert of Fine Arts New Curriculum certified by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
    - Member of China Arts and Crafts Association

  • Yoee Yang

    Yoee Yang

    EAP Teacher and Head of Language Centre

    - Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Bath

    - Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    - TESOL Certificate

    - Working in HFI since 2015

  • Eva Chen

    Eva Chen

    English Teacher (EAP)

    - Master of Education from University College London
    - Bachelor of English from Central China Normal University
    - Taught as an English teacher since 2011

  • Grace He

    Grace He

    Psychological Counselor and Teacher

    - Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Guangzhou Medical University

    - Worked as a Psychological Therapist in Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University  since 2016

    - Licensed Psychological Therapist (Junior), Psychological counselor (Grade 3th), Sandplay Therapist