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Faculty & Staff
Principal of HFI
  • Sheldon Smith

    Sheldon Smith

    Principal of HFI

    -Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester

    -Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics (Hons) from the University of Birmingham

    -Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    -Teaching experience in China since 2002

    -Working at HFI since 2005

AP English
  • Toby Eichas

    Toby Eichas

    Head of the AP English dept. Pre-AP English Teacher

    -26 years' teaching experience in high schools in U.S. and Asia;

    -Master of Arts in Communication;

    -Bachelor of Arts in Communication, English, and teacher certification from Mercyhurst College;

    -Certificates in CELTA and IB programs

  • Chelsea North

    Chelsea North

    Year 12 English and AP Lauguage and Composition Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts in English from Seattle Pacific University

    -Taught AP English Language Arts and Writing in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    -Washington State Residency Teaching Certification, Secondary Education, Language Arts

  • Matthew Bender

    Matthew Bender

    AP English Literature Teacher

    -MA in Secondary Education from Piedmont College

    -BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Appalachian State University

    -Taught AP Literature course in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    -Experience as Head of English Department

    -Obtained CELTA-Cambridge English Language Teaching Accreditation

  • Senen Amor

    Senen Amor

    EAP Teacher

    -Master of arts in Literature and Language Teaching  from University of the Philippines

    -Master of Arts in English from Saint Francis College – Philippines

    -Teaching experience since 2004

  • Lindsey Sanna

    Lindsey Sanna

    AP Seminar Teacher

    -Master of Arts in Education from Villanova University

    -Bachelor of Arts in English from Villanova University

    -Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from New York University

    -Teaching as an English Teacher since 2010

  • Laura Merleau-Mcgrady

    Laura Merleau-Mcgrady

    AP English Language Teacher

    -Ph.D. English from University of Kansas

    -Has taught in St. Louis University and Washington University

  • Jennilee Hodgson

    Jennilee Hodgson

    Year 11 English Teacher

    - Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University 

    - Advanced International TESOL Certificate 

    - Taught AP Psychology, AP Literature, AP Language at Guangdong Experimental High School, Grade 11 English at Westfield Secondary in Toronto, Academic Writing at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

AP Science and Mathematics
  • Geoffrey Fitzgerald

    Geoffrey Fitzgerald

    Head of the Math & Science dept. AP Physics Teacher

    -Bachelor of Education Majoring in Math and Physics from the Queensland University of Technology.

    -11 years’ experience teaching math and physics including 1st year university Lecturer in Electric Circuits and Engineering Statics.

  • Bharati Hirani

    Bharati Hirani

    AP Computer Science A Teacher

    -Master of Computer Management in Computer Science, Management and Technology from Institute of Business Administration & Research (IBMR).

    -Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, Marketing & Advertising from Indira College of Commerce & Science.

    -Teaching Computer Programming since 2012 and AP Computer Science since 2017.

  • Yolanda Guan

    Yolanda Guan

    AP Statistics Teacher

    -Master of Actuarial Statistics from Australian National University

    -Bachelor of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Beijing Normal University

    -Teaching Math in Beijing and Guangzhou since 2012

    -Math competition Instructor

  • Marcela Rojas

    Marcela Rojas

    AP Calculus BC, Advanced Calculus Teacher

    -Bachelor of Engineering in Bioresource Engineering (Hons) from McGill University 

    -Diploma in Health Science from Dawson College

    -Teaching Pre-Calculus since 2011 and Calculus 1 and 2 since 2017

  • Jenny Ge

    Jenny Ge

    AP Calculus and Math in Chinese Teacher

    - Master of Accounting from Grand valley state university

  • Sushma Kumar

    Sushma Kumar

    AP Chemistry Teacher

    -Master of Science in Chemistry, minor in Biology, from University of Minnesota- Duluth

    -Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from V.G.Vaze College, Mumbai, India

    -Teaching IB , A- level and IGCSE  both Cambridge and Edexcel in China, U.A.E., Singapore and at an  international school in India for more than 7 years.

  • Joel Benavidez

    Joel Benavidez

    AP Biology, AP Environmental Science Teacher

    -Bachelor of Science in Biology for Teachers from Philippine Normal University

    -IBDP Certified Biology Teacher

    -Taught as a Biology Teacher in Manila since 2008

AP Social Science
  • Damon Six

    Damon Six

    Head of the Social Science dept. AP Psychology Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts in History from Texas Tech University

    -Teacher Certification/Education from University of Texas-Permian Basin

    -Teaching in U.S., Korea and China since 2000

    -Taught AP Psychology and Government & Politics in Seoul International School

  • Seamus Murphy

    Seamus Murphy

    AP US History, Philosophy Teacher

    -Bachelor of Education in Education from University of Toronto

    -Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Trent University

    -Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and Classics (Hons) from Trent University

    -Taught as a History / Social Studies Teacher in UK and China since 2008

  • Matthew Frost

    Matthew Frost

    AP Art History and AP European History Teacher

    -Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from Hunter College, New York

    -Masters of Science in Ed. (MS Ed.) from Hunter College, New York

    -Bachelor of Arts (BA) from SUNY, College at Purchase, New York

    -Teaching experience since 2000

  • Jerry Redfield

    Jerry Redfield

    AP Economic Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts, Economics from Wheaton College

    -Teaching experience since 2012

    -Experienced AP teacher

  • Amanda Stark

    Amanda Stark

    AP World History, AP Human Geography Teacher

    -Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Bowling Green University

    -Bachelor of Arts in History Teaching from Brigham Young University

    -Taught as a History / Social Studies Teacher in South Korea, USA since 2002

  • Michael Alan Ludwick

    Michael Alan Ludwick

    Drama Teacher

    -Bachelor of English from University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

    -Master of Education from Framingham State College, Framingham, Massachusetts

    -Began as a Drama Teacher in 1998

Local teachers
  • Helen Cui

    Helen Cui

    English teacher

    -University Masters Degree in English Language Teaching and Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts, Universitat Jaume I, Spain

    -Bachelor’s Degree in English Education, South China Normal University

    -Cambridge CELTA Teaching Certificate
    -TEM 8
    -Working in HFI since 2008

  • Delia Yi

    Delia Yi

    English teacher

    -Master’s Degree in English Language Studies, Sichuan International Studies University

    -Been teaching TOEFL & SAT test-preparation courses since 2008

    -Working in HFI since 2011

  • Wendy He

    Wendy He

    English teacher

    -Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Bristol

    -Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, Southwest China University

    -TESOL Certificate

    -Working in HFI since 2014

  • Rachel Li

    Rachel Li

    Chemistry in Chinese teacher

    -Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Education, Hunan Jishou University 

    -Certificate of Senior High School Teacher

    -12 years of Chemistry teaching experience

    -Researches in AP Chemistry teaching, experienced AP Chemistry teacher and SATII trainer

    -Working in HFI since 2010

  • Jiayun Xu

    Jiayun Xu

    Physics in Chinese Teacher

    -Senior High School Physics Teacher

    -Awarded Guangzhou Excellent Teacher title

    -35 years of Physics teaching experience

    -Working in HFI since 2009

  • Harky Li

    Harky Li

    Dean of Students' Affairs Office / PE Teacher

  • Susan Chen

    Susan Chen

    Math in Chinese Teacher

    -Master’s Degree in Mathematics Competition, South China Normal University

    -Member of The National Elementary Mathematical Society

    -Teaching experience since 2006

    -Working in HFI since 2015

  • Lillian Li

    Lillian Li

    Biology teacher

    -Master’s Degree in Life Science,Beijing Normal University Member of Guangzhou Teaching and Research Office Biology Center

    -Awarded Distinguished Contribution to Gaokao, Excellent Teacher title, etc.

    -Involved in writing and editing Senior High School Biology course book 

    -Teaching experience since 2005

    -Working in HFI since 2015

  • Yoee Yang

    Yoee Yang

    EAP Teacher and Head of Language Centre

    -Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Bath 

    -Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 

    -TESOL Certificate

    -Working in HFI since 2015

  • Leevan Wang

    Leevan Wang

    Chinese Language and Culture Teacher

    -Mater of Arts in Chinese Education in Jinan University

    -Bachelor of Arts in Chinese from Dalian University

    -Taught as a Chinese teacher since 2016

    -Worked as a research assistant in Nanyang Technological University in 2017