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Physical exercise can improve physical health, make the body of fatigue rest actively, make people energetic to study and work.

HFI invites you to explore and develop your creative talents in music, dance, theatre and the visual arts. Whether you’re bound for art school or just like to doodle, want to become a professional singer or just enjoy singing in the shower, hope to dance on Broadway or just turn a move at the prom, you’ll find classes that challenge and teachers who inspire. Artistic pursuits may be motivated by curiosity, passion or an already developed discipline. No matter what your talent and goals, dedicated HFI accommodate your level of skill and ambition and help you move forward. Whether you are an artist, an actor, a dancer or a musician, visual and performing arts instructors strive to

• Build your self-confidence by grounding you in your chosen discipline
• Empower you to grow into a thoughtful, expressive adult
• Teach you the appropriate level of skill to a degree that pride in creative outcome is a given
• Motivate you and teach to your individual goals and learning style
• Instill in you a fundamental appreciation of our rich cultural arts heritage
• Encourage you to preserve and support the arts in your own community