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Language Center

Working closely with our academic and professional colleagues and the student community, we offer English academic skills and other language support to current and prospective students.

We provide a wide range of teacher-led programmes and services delivered by our highly trained teachers and support staff.

Our programmes include:

o EAP (Early Academic Program)

o Second Foreign Language Course (German, French, Spanish etc.)

o Writing tutorial

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning.

Please contact us via or if you have a specific enquiry.

Teacher Profile in Language Centre HFI

· Local Teacher

Christina Li
Master of Arts in Teaching(M.A.T.)
Teaching Certificate
5+ years of experience in English teaching
Teaching IELTS preparation courses since 2012

Darcy Qiu
Master’s Degree in TESOL, University of York
TESL Certificate
Lecturer in university
Teaching experience since 2006
Teaching IELTS & TOEFL preparation courses since 2012

Delia Yi
Master’s Degree in English Language Studies, Sichuan International Studies University
Teaching TOEFL & SAT test-preparation courses since 2008
Working in HFI since 2011

Helen Weng
Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Newcastle
CELTA Certificate
College Teacher Certificate

Eva Chen

Master’s Degree in Education, Gender and International Development, University College London
Bachelor’s Degree in English, Central China Normal University
Teacher Certificate; ETS Certificate

Sarah Zhu
Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of York
TESOL Certificate
Life Designing Coach

Wendy He
Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Bristol
Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, Southwest China University
TESOL Certificate

Yoee Yang
Head of Language Centre
Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Bath
Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Language Studies, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
TESOL Certificate

EAP(Early Academic Program)

About us

EAP (including listening, speaking, reading and writing) is an important skill for success in your studies at international school, university and also in your future career.

If you want to improve your EAP skills, we offer a weekend and vocational programme designed to meet your needs and fit in with your other commitments.

Our support

Our 150 hour and 184 hour courses help you learn the features of good academic English and develop your writing skills with lots of opportunities to practise and receive feedback from your teacher and peers. We have four levels of study and you can sign up for individual sessions according to your placement test results and our recommendations.

Our EAP support can help you with skills like:

Understanding academic contexts

o grasping details from monologue and dialogue

o quick note-taking with symbols

o understanding a variety of topics in tutorial or seminar

o being accustomed to different accents

o identifying gist and details of lecture

Presentation skills

o planning and structuring your presentation

o using your voice and body language to communicate clearly

o using visual aids effectively

o dealing with nerves and anxiety

o preparing for group presentations.

Critical Reading skills

o demystifying academic articles

o selecting key information

o taking good notes

o identifying bias & underlying assumptions

o developing critical questions.

Academic Writing

o understanding the writing task

o structuring your essay or report

o making your writing flow

o using sources in your writing

o referencing and citation

o avoiding plagiarism

o writing in an appropriate academic style.


Before signing up for a course please make sure that you have taken our placement test (register here).