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HFI Club Open Day

As the third week of school approached, HFI held the Fifth Club Open day on the 30th of this month. On Club Open day, all participating clubs will come up with their own housekeeping activities, whether it be art club, sports club, academic or practical clubs. What started as an event targeted at freshmen has morphed into an event that all the HFIers enjoyed.

Just after the bell rang, students from 40+ clubs started to fill up the lobby and the outdoor entrance path. Some stands had bags and boxes of materials wobblily stacked up on tables. Some even managed to squeeze a piano into the limited given space. Others were confident enough with simply a bright banner erected beside. Club leaders were sweating and squinting at the slightest change of angle of the decorations from a few steps away, making sure that no one could miss it even from the end of the path. Performers spent their last minutes in rehearsal rooms for perfection. Today was the chance for every club to show off their beautifully designed stands, unique activities, and eye-catching performances. Today was their chance to attract new talents.

As the sky darkened into the densest blue, our photographers from the FOCUS club hurried to the lobby entrance for the best spots. The rest of the dispersed crowd also started to gather at the steps. Musicians from the MUSE club brought us the first few performances. The stage resounded with sounds of singing, guitar, and piano. Many audience members swayed and sang along to the music.

The Drama club was next. Today these actresses were evil queens from our childhood fairytales. Their majesties sat around a table and sang about their stories. Many viewers found the show exciting and one of their favorites.

The Fusion dance club is one of the most anticipated clubs of HFI. Dancers performed a total of 5 dances of different genres, including K-pop, hip-hop, jazz, and others. The audience at the front couldn’t help but groove with the beat, while those at the back tiptoed to capture this dynamic and youthful moment.

The Acapella club also brought us a great show. They sang their own adaptation of the song Dusk Till Dawn. As always, they gave us a wonderful performance: the perfect fusion of mere voices, harmonious and melodious.
OXA Chamber Orchestra Club was the last to come. The audience was mesmerized by the piano-violin-cello trio’s version of City of Stars and the improvisation from their jazz band. In the gentle and graceful music, everyone seems to be in a beautiful night picture.
Every year, the HFI club community welcomes new members. There are also many new clubs joining this year, such as the baseball club and the calligraphy club: baseball club provided the crowd with free lemon tea; the calligraphy club provides ink and calligraphy paper on site for interested students to experience, which is also a good way to inherit Chinese culture.

Many students found the clubs they have been looking for. Clubs are a big part of HFI school life. They provide students with the chance to explore their interests outside of classrooms, to enjoy both individual and group activities, and to achieve accomplishments.  The Club Open Day set the club community off to a good start, yet it is only a prologue of the unparalleled story of this year’s club activities.
Sources:Annie He;Yi Lai
Writers:Mary Zhou & Annie He Sources
Reviewer:Sheldon Smith