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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Teachers' Day

Mid-Autumn Festival & Teachers' Day

HFI’s new semester has just begun and in a flash, we arrive at the annual Teachers’ Day, a day when we celebrate our wonderful teachers for their hard work and diligence. Yet what is special about this year is that while celebrating this occasion, one of the most popular festivals is also taking place —— the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In the eyes of HFI teachers and students, what are their feelings towards this once in a lifetime chance to encounter two festivals in one day? Here’s what they have to say.

Blessings from HFI students

The teachers at HFI are all very nice, especially Toby. He is the highlight of my Y10!(Hi Toby, if you’re reading this, thank you for all the good memories during my freshmen year. I’m not gonna expand on this since ppl might be jealous, but fr my life at hfi would be a lot less fun without you, your humor, and your surprises) I'm also very thankful to Rachel. She is concerned about students all the time. Happy teachers' Day to all the teachers in HFI!——Yiyi Tu

Super love HFI teachers!! I like the detailed Syllabus and interesting class atmosphere!!! (Anonymous)

To Joe (a teacher at HFI): Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently. (Anonymous)

Happy Teachers' Day, Vicky! I am very happy to have such a good academic guidance and life guidance teacher in HFI! Although I no longer attend your class, this does not stop our friendship! Finally, I wish you a world full of plums and peaches (successful students), and face difficulties with no retreat (just to rhyme). (Anonynous)

Cloud and mountain, vast and verdant. River rolls on, strong and fluent. As the morality of teachers, spread through long distance. Happy Teachers Day to all the HFI teachers!——Avery Lu

So thankful to HFI teachers, who made me feel for the first time that it was not very "scary" talking to a teacher, and I also felt the joy of communicating with them that I had never had before. They always patiently answer my questions and encourage me when I face setbacks. I wish all of them a happy Teachers' day!—— Estella Qiu

I met lots of very nice teachers in HFI, they really help me a lot. Not only in the academic field, but they also guide me when I met difficulties in my life. Wish they have a happy Teacher's Day! ——Edward Zhou

Blessings from HFI graduates

HFI alumni have also sent their blessings on this special day. Although they are all in different areas of the world, they still glance upon the same moon on this special night hoping that the moon will convey each other’s thoughts of longing.

Jade Liang :

I wrote these down just a day before heading to the airport and embarking on a new journey. Looking back, I sincerely appreciate the life wisdoms, education enrichment, support and trust from teachers, counselors, and staffs in HFI.

You guided me to explore passionately in life science, literature, and history, to develop sentimental and sensible thinking towards the world and society. You prepared me for academic writing, critical thinking, analytical skills, note-taking and most importantly the courage to exert my voice and respect diversity. You endorsed me to achieve something big in and out of campus, building my dream in entrepreneurship and community engagement.

Thank you all, and Happy Teachers’ Day! Stay safe and stay in touch!

Yuki Chen :

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers and happy Mid-Autumn Festival to HFI~

It’s very lucky of me to have all the helpful and supportive teachers during my three years at HFI. They not only guided me in academics but also helped me overcome challenges in life.

Ken Xie :

About 11 years ago, I had an interview with a thin and tall white guy as a part of my entrance exam, and not until I became a student of HFI that I realized that that person was my principal. Now 11 years has passed, and I had another interview with the exact same person, but this time, I was back to be a teacher. Working with those people who made the person that I am now was one of the most exciting and intriguing moments in life. Although I am no longer a part of this team, I still treasure every second that I spent there. I wish everyone in HFI a very happy Mid-autumn Day!

Laura Wu :

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and Teachers’ Day! I am always grateful for my experience during the three impressive years at HFI. Many many thanks to all teachers who spent time and effort on me! It is your eagerness to help and passion for teaching to turn studying into a much more fun and smooth process~

Our memories

Finally, on the special occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Teacher’s Day, we sincerely wish you all a happy double festival and a wonderful break. Enjoy your mooncakes and have fun!

Content proposer: Annie He

Writers: Annie He,Annie Liu,Jasmine Dong

Video: Sally Su

Sources: HFI students and teachers