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Since 2013, Huafu International has launched Naviance resource for our students, parents and faculty, helping our students stay motivated, envision the range of college and career possibilities available to them, and connect their academic life to their self-discovery and long-term success. During the college application process, in particular, Naviance has been an especially important tool for HFI student align their strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, improving student outcomes.

Academic integrity is significantly valued in our school and throughout the application process. Naviance has been enabling and clarifying our whole application procedure to be more complete and accurate. Coded by CEEB (694293), HFI (in line with the main campus of Affiliated High school of SCNU) is accountable to ensure the authenticity and honesty of each student’s application and materials subsequently submitted via Naviance.

Naviance Log In

First time users should click on the “I need to register” link in the box to the right. When prompted, enter the registration code that was provided by the College Counseling Center, and then follow instructions for setting up a Naviance account.


On subsequent visits, enter your email address and a password (chosen by you) to sign in. If you do not remember your password, please contact your college counselor.


On subsequent visits, enter your Naviance account email address and a password (chosen by you) to sign in. If you misplaced your registration code or do not remember your password, please contact college counseling center by email

Please note: the information contained within Naviance is confidential and is intended for viewing by current Huafu students and parents only. Unauthorized use, duplication or sharing of the information is prohibited.