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Club leader 2020-2021: Chen

Club introduction:

Cat Advocacy Team (C.A.T) of Huafu International Department considers community service as aim and spares no efforts in providing food, sanctuary as well as medical care for stray cats within school and community. Furthermore, C.A.T performs a role of “transfer station of stray cats”, which finds a suitable adoptive family for those cats without family. It can be said that the core of C.A.T is cats, but at the same time humans as well, as there will be no cat under protection if no student or teacher gives a hand. It will be taken as our responsibility to provide an environment where humans and cats live together harmoniously so that more students will enjoy themselves while interacting with our cats. As a club completely operated by students, the expense mainly derives from the charity bazaar held annually and donation from cat-lovers, including teachers and students in HFI and a few citizens outside school. The main approach of propaganda is the Wechat official account of C.A.T, where notice board for adoption, information for activities, anecdotes of cats are post. Since the foundation of C.A.T in 2013, the scale of the club expands gradually, and the club activities enrich as well. We hope that all members of our clubs, no matter junior or senior, will strive for our original aspiration -- cat together.

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